Ep12. Cup-A-Long Cupping

Ever wanted to cup along with other people that are used to cupping?

Well… that is what this episode is about, and it has 6 parts, that will be release one at a time:

On your Marks

First however you will need to order the coffees. We are fortunate to have Cape Coffee Beans on board to do the order fulfillment of the coffees. You can order them here: capecoffeebeans.co.za/coffeebrewmancecupping.

OR click below and order now:

Get Set

Then while you wait for your order to get to you take a listen to Part a, b and c – to understand our approach, how to setup the cup-a-long cupping session, and how to use the score sheet Cuth Bland has created.


Then once the coffees arrive you can cup-a-long with the people in Cape Town or Johannesburg (and we are hoping Durban). As the episodes are released:

  • Jhb Part released listen here.
  • CT Part coming

Supporting Documents

There are also supporting documents:

We would like to thank


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