About us

Coffee Brewmance is a South African coffee podcast, a showcase for the quality and diversity of the South African coffee scene.

We are:

  • Zane Mattisson – All-round cool dude – working at MoreFlavour.
  • Cuth Bland – Ms Coffee South Africa – working for Bean There.
  • Shaun Aupiais – The coffee man.
  • Geoffrey Brink – creator of the original theme.
  • Warren Machanik – some call him the grumpy old man of coffee (he used to be the angry young man of IT), others just don’t know him well enough yet.

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iTunes Podcast feed

Check us out on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/za/podcast/coffeebrewmance/id1055652559

Stitcher Podcast feed

or www.stitcher.com/s?fid=77294&refid=stpr

A few notes

In these interviews we mainly spend time talking about coffee based subjects. The core beliefs is that the people we interview have opinions we fell others will enjoy hearing. So glam interviews for the purpose of glitz are not found here.

We do not pay anyone for the podcasts, are not sponsored by anyone (except the website which Quaffee sponsors) and plan to exist without money or bitcoin ever changing hands.

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