Ep12Jhb – Cup-a-long cupping in Jozi

Ep12Jhb - Cup-a-long cupping in Jozi

What follows is the podCast of the cup-a-long that was held in Johannesburg 28 April with 3 very diverse coffees. If you are cupping along then we assume that you have setup your coffees, as per the setup guide in Ep12b (which uses the document under the menu Documents->Setting up a Cupping). Also make sure you have a copy of your score sheet, as described in Ep12c and available also on the Documents menu item Cup-a-long Score sheet. Which includes a copy of of the latest coffee tasters wheel as published by the SCAA and WCR. And you will of Read More …

Ep12. Cup-A-Long Cupping

Ever wanted to cup along with other people that are used to cupping? Well… that is what this episode is about, and it has 6 parts, that will be release one at a time: On your Marks First however you will need to order the coffees. We are fortunate to have Cape Coffee Beans on board to do the order fulfillment of the coffees. You can order them here: capecoffeebeans.co.za/coffeebrewmancecupping. OR click below and order now: Buy Coffee Brewmance Blind Cupping Bundle Get Set Then while you wait for your order to get to you take a listen to Part a, Read More …