Ep 17. Ben Carlson: Sustainability of Specialty Coffee?

Ep 17. Ben Carlson: Sustainability of Specialty Coffee?

The second session of a Talk by Ben Carslon from The Long Mile Project.

This talk is the audio of the video taken on the day. It starts with a summary of the the Long Mile Project and then addresses the real issues behind sustainability. Real sustainability that address living and growing conditions.

Ben discusses the need for the South African industry to distinguish itself and look at offering coffees other than the bulk imported Commercial Grade and Commercial Grade+.

Specialty grade coffee is coffee that cups at least at 80, and hence the lots need to be separated and be processed as unique lots. This to us one of the core aspects of Specialty grade, it needs to stand out to not be part of a bulk lot that is size sorted.

Some countries define Specailty Grade as 83+. We have seen this in Brazil and Colombia, but there are other origins that score speciality at this level.

There is an error on the intro, the talk was recorded 26 October.

You can watch the video here:

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