Review of Fellow’s Duo

Before starting this review, let it be known that I love the Fellow products. They seem to represent a balance of industrial design and function, that always makes their products a thing of beauty. What is it? The Duo (or Duo Coffee Steeper as they call it) is an all in one brewer and pourer. Coffee grinds and water go in the top, you steep the coffee for a time, then turn the top, and the brewed coffee rushes down into the bottom part of the Duo, ready to be poured. With the grinds still left at the top. Does Read More …

Cross post: Chemex vs Brewista Smart Brew Comparison

Note – this is a cross post, since the review was done by Quaffee. With the Chemex now over 70 years old, it is a well established product, with its own unique nuances. Brewista added their own offering into the hourglass pour over fold, and call it the Brewista Smart Brew™. Obviously it is based on the Chemex. The Chemex is probably the most iconic all in one dripper (i.e. the drip and server are all in one). When moreflavour lent the Brewista Smart Brew™ recently we felt it was necessary to compare it the icon it seems to have Read More …

Charge and roast time experiment

Thanks to Jono from Rosetta roastery, for inviting me to participate in this experiment. Although the sample size was small, both in roast sample size and number of samples, some valuable lessons where learnt. Experiment: To roast the coffee 6 ways only changing the charge temp (CT), keeping flame at the same throughout and once First crack (FC) is reached have dev time ratio of (DTR) 10% of the roast. Mostly Drop Temp (DT) – was around 3°C later. Sample size: 200g roasted. Two coffees were tasted, then the one we liked was identified as the favourite roast or middle roast: Read More …

Java Maestro a review

Before we begin the review. please note that we were fortunate enough to be contacted by the local representative of Java Maestro to do a review. How this affects this review, final conclusions and subjectivity we cannot determine, but we felt we should put it out there. What is it? The Java Maestro is a cone shaped coffee dripper made from stainless stainless. Designed with a fine laser cut mesh, which is both its body and its function. What questions does it answer? Whenever a product is created, there is someone behind the idea. It is important to understand the Read More …

Ep 17. Ben Carlson: Sustainability of Specialty Coffee?

The second session of a Talk by Ben Carslon from The Long Mile Project. This talk is the audio of the video taken on the day. It starts with a summary of the the Long Mile Project and then addresses the real issues behind sustainability. Real sustainability that address living and growing conditions. Ben discusses the need for the South African industry to distinguish itself and look at offering coffees other than the bulk imported Commercial Grade and Commercial Grade+. Specialty grade coffee is coffee that cups at least at 80, and hence the lots need to be separated and Read More …

Ep 16. Ben and Kristy Carlson: What makes coffee special?

Contents of the talk given Oct 25 at The Vineyard by Ben anfd Kristy Carlson from Long Mile Project. Items covered: 1. Burundi : Looking in at the country it’s coffee and challenges 2. Coffee.People.Potential. A look at Long Miles Coffee Project 3. Impacting a nation one cup at a time. Why your choice of coffee matters 4. Processing Styles. What are they and why should you care. 5. Coffee & Wine. Cupping to find flavour 6. Taste and Talk You can also watch the video on YouTube here:  

Two Videos worth Watching one on Water one on The coffee seed

In the last 2 weeks two very good videos have been posted, including their documentation. We recommend you take a listen / watch. Water for coffee – by TamperTantrum Link to podcast: Reco Symposium – Hanna Neuschwander | The Coffee Seed: A Forgotten Technology You Tube channel: Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research gives an illuminating talk on our most fundamental of coffee technologies: the plant itself. She calls attention to the disparities in innovation between the coffee plant and other technologies, and the critical need for more research and development. Document mentioned: Worth read! VARIETY INTELLIGENCE Creating the first-ever Read More …

Ep 15. Coffee Roaster modification by Craig

In this podcast we chat to Craig Charity who recently took an old Probat 12 kg coffee roaster and made so serious mods: Converting from electric burners to gas; Modification that help get a better roast; Teflon coating; Double walling a barrel; Discussing  issues with hertz; What mods every roaster should have. Are some of the items discussed.

Ep 14. Finding a good coffee shop when traveling

Wayne travels overseas a lot so we thought we should publish this chat between Cuth and Wayne about coffee away from home. Some of the things you will hear: Getting a vibe for a coffee shop Research, Ask those in the know Social media The good, the bad and the not so tasty, experiencing it all. Milking it Reading through the paid for posts. Talking to the locals Take away cups Cost of coffee Filter coffee And a short intro to worlds.

Ep13. Catching UP – London Coffee – Origin Trip

In this long awaited episode, by whom we know not. We catchup with Zane to see what he has been up to in the UK, what he enjoyed at London Coffee Fest (LCF). We also talk about Warren’s experiences at origin in Brazil and Colombia. We cover: What surprised Zane in LCF What impressed him What he was able to paly with Warren’s perspective and summary of coffee farms in Brazilian and Colombia And then back to Zane