Ep11. Mike MacDonald – Manual Brewing and CoE experience

Ep11. Mike MacDonald - Manual Brewing and CoE experience

Welcome to Episode 11 of Coffee Brewmance. Zane was man alone with this one. Enjoy the episode, remember it is recorded in town at Origin so there is a little background noise, some of these noises are reduced but not removed.

MikeMcDIn this Episode we talk to Mike about coffee, brewing and his experience as an observer judge to The Rwandan CoE.

Some of things covered:

  • Stealing coffee out of cooling trays, is it guilt free, or quality control?
  • Why tiled fermentation tanks are preferred.
  • Quick fire questions:
    • When would he drink an Americano.
    • SL28 or Geisha?
    • African or South American?
    • Federer or Clooney?
    • Flat or conical?
  • Do you need to be precise when manual brewing?
  • Brewing Parameters Mike finds important?
    • Temp
    • Agitation
    • Grind size
    • Consistency
  • What can a home brewer play with?
  • Which acids are exposed at grind size and temp?
  • Paper filter method suits some types of coffees with sediment in oil like wet processed coffees.
  • And metal filters suits others – like central, South American and Asia specific coffees.
  • What does SL stand for when it is not at the back of a car?
  • What about variety which is best to use with what brew method?
  • Cup of Excellence – what is it?
  • Experience of being a guest judge at such an event.
  • And the effect it has on the producers.
  • When Mike felt like a machine…
  • What to do if you have a caffeine overdose?
  • Giants in Africa?
  • Humbling experiences in coffee.
  • Roasting at origin.
  • How Mike would design a cupping sheet – a sample is MikesCuppingFormOnePage– thanks Mike ?
  • Perspective on Price vs Quality and how to disseminate that info.
  • How to drive quality coffee in South Africa

The sound sometimes had glitches which we have tried to fix. There are times when background noise does get a bit imposing sometimes, but was recorded in a Origin that is in town.

Links mentioned:

Coffee Research : coffeeresearch.org/science/sourmain.htm.

Brewmethods: brewmethods.com

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