Ep10. Legado Cropster, before and after (BC and AC)

Have you ever heard of Dunn Meters, or wonder what happens to coffee roasters Before Cropster (BC).


Or any of the following:

  • What Craig Charity prefers to wear?
  • Roasting by sensors (human and electronic).
  • Ramp rate and roasting.200 icon Coffee Brewmance
  • Why Cropster?
  • What you need to install Cropster?
  • Stock control as a feature.
  • The Cropster Hub.
  • Are you a Roast and Taste repeat kind of roaster.
  • Who is in charge of what at Legado.
  • What changes when you use Cropster.
  • How the Mississippi influences your roast?
  • What makes coffee great.

And echo mumblings by Craig Charity


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