Java Maestro a review

Before we begin the review. please note that we were fortunate enough to be contacted by the local representative of Java Maestro to do a review. How this affects this review, final conclusions and subjectivity we cannot determine, but we felt we should put it out there. What is it? The Java Maestro is a cone shaped coffee dripper made from stainless stainless. Designed with a fine laser cut mesh, which is both its body and its function. What questions does it answer? Whenever a product is created, there is someone behind the idea. It is important to understand the Read More …

Ep 6. Phaedon Cape Coffee Beans online coffee

Ep 6. Phaedon Cape Coffee Beans online coffee

In this podcast we talk with Phaedon who runs CapeCoffeeBeans, an online coffee store. He describes his journey from buying his first burr grinder to purveying the finest roasts in the province. We get his perspective on brew methods, e-commerce, the local specialty scene and what he’d most like to find in his stocking at Christmas. Enjoy. Please rate us on iTunes / Stitcher and send comments. We are giving prizes away to those that do. Notes from a discussion with Phaedon From an entry level coffee burr grinder Phaedon’s love of coffee developed into what we know today as @CapeCoffeeBeans. Read More …