S2E02: Germination and post harvest processing in coffee

In this podcast we discuss early results of germination experiments Dylan has done at Beaver Creek Coffee estate. Things mentioned: How Dylan got in to coffee Coffee is a seed Post harvest process Fermentation Germination And more… Videos Videos referenced in the talk are: Hanna Neuschwander | The Coffee Seed: A Forgotten Technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtCftF-agJI Flavio Borem | Beyond Wet and Dry: Breaking Paradigms in Coffee Processing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QJRklaKEgY Beaver Creak Read  ore about beaver creek and the estate here: www.beavercreak.co.za Leave comments and share.

S2E01 – Regionals, water and general banter after Gauteng regionals 2019

With Zane Mattisson – Moreflavour, Shaun Aupiais – Coffee Guy and Roan Muntingh – Ultimate Water In this episode you will hear: A summary of the barista comp, latte art comp and cup tasters in Gauteng in July. Personal highlights of the exhibition. A discussion around water in South Africa and how it influences coffee. #peopleofcoffee Learn some background on Zane, Shaun and Roan There are some products mention here. It should be noted that no product mentioned paid for placement. All opinions of the products mentioned are personal in nature and are not product recommendations. Note: Podcast has quite Read More …