Ep9. Cuth Bland – Learning about QGrade, Ethiopia and…tasting coffee.

CoffeeBrewMance Calibration

What happens when you have had too many brewmances?

Before we even start with introductions we get lost in discussion with Cuth, Zane and Warren, we then cover things like:

  • QGrade
  • Cupping coffee
  • Tasting coffee
  • Water
  • Salt in you coffee
  • The Lexicon
  • Le Nez du Café
  • Garden Peas and Cuccumber
  • Terrior and Processing
  • How to get Cuth to drink natural processed coffees
  • How Zane got into coffee
  • Who uses a tire iron with their coffee
  • The ECX floor

And much more in the just over 41 minutes of banter.

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