Ep 5. Cuth / Craig at AeroPress Comps

Ep 5. Cuth / Craig at AeroPress Comps

Recorded in the midst of the South African AeroPress completion.

Be a sonic voyeur on the conversation between our own Zane Mattisson as he joins fellow ramblers Cuth Bland (Bean There) and Craig Charity (Lineage Coffee) as they waited for their first round of AeroPress comp drinks to judge.

They cover topics as varied as how to get local support from Probat, the challenges of refurbishing a roaster in South Africa (i.e. the risk of working on a roaster if you are not Craig), not to mention tasting and Craig’s barista set at the recent National champs placing him 2nd in the country.

But be careful. You may need to strain you ears to make out the details sometimes. Just as you get used to tuning out the background noise and start enjoying the banter, the podcast will end with no warning. But hey…it was recorded at the start of the after party.


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