Intro episode, wtf and all that

In which we talk about what we’d like to do with the podcast as we set sail on this voyage. Listeners are introduced to the cast. Send us feedback to twitter: @coffeebrewmance or facebook: Or leave a comment on the posts, or a review on iTunes or relevant platform.

About us

Coffee Brewmance is a South African coffee podcast, a showcase for the quality and diversity of the South African coffee scene. We are: Zane Mattisson – local coffee personality, all-round cool dude. Geoffrey Brink – apprentice roaster at Quaffee. Brewmance’s sound guy. Warren Machanik – some call him the grumpy old man of coffee (he used to be the angry young man of IT), others just don’t know him well enough yet. Take a listen to the casts and send us feedback on facebook or twitter. iTunes Podcast feed Check us out on iTunes: Stitcher Podcast feed or Read More …