Ep 2. V is for VST with Jono from Rosetta

Ep 2. V is for VST with Jono from Rosetta
Jono Rosetta Episode V CoffeeBrewMance

Jono Rosetta Episode 2 CoffeeBrewMance

We are joined by Jono from Rosetta Roastery, with whom we have a long, fairly thought-provoking chat.

Jono posts a challenge to all in the coffee industry, what will be your response?

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Jono is not just a pretty face, he does know a thing or too about coffee. Especially how to make it go from green to brown in a way that makes it yummy.


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What is VST, and why is it important read Matt Perger’s post: baristahustle.com/vstwtf-part-1

3 thoughts on “Ep 2. V is for VST with Jono from Rosetta”

  1. Nice one guys. As someone still at the bottom end of very steep learning curve, it is both good and daunting to know that coffee remains mystifying no matter how far up that curve you find yourself:) And also refreshing that you are embracing the spirit of openness regarding issues that baffle you, rather than pretending to be all conquering. Of course, folks like me stand to benefit most.

    Maybe some of us can club together to buy one of these VST refractometers?? I see they go for, well, a lot of great coffee…

    The Rabbit will keep on running…

    1. Hey Philip, Watch some of the periscope videos with Tim Wendelboe on Youtube. Not only will you learn loads, but you will also see that even international coffee royalty still ask questions, expresso uncertainty, and strive to learn new ways to do things better. Thanks for the feedback.

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